Junior Intermediate Tournament – June 12, 2018

Congratulations to the champions and finalists! We managed to complete all the matches during the rainy weekend! Thanks to Avanti Sports for the player’s gifts and to the hardworking MCTC staff for keeping the courts dry and making the tournament run smooth. I hope to see everyone next year at the 4th Annual MCTC Junior Intermediate Tournament.

Coach Roger Mark


In the Boys’ 12 Singles, Steven Anderson (left) won the final against Hansley Wang (right) in a tight set 8-7.

In the Boys’ 12 Singles Consolation, Parker Hulse (right) won the final against Arman Mkrtychev (left) 8-5.

In Girls’ 12 Singles, Mia Askovich (left) won the final against Sophia Manole (right) 8-3.

In Girls’ 12 Singles Consolation, Venya Pillai (left) won the final against Valarie Wang (right) 8-3.

In Boys’ 14 Singles, Eric Li (right) won the final against Russel Anderson (left) 8-2.

In Girls’ 14 Singles, Norah Hamley finished first and Anuujin Chadraa finished second.

In Boys’ 16 Singles, Raymond Kao (right) won the final against Benjamin Fahey (left) 8-6.

In Boys’ 16 Singles Consolation, Daniel Tameishi (right) won the final against Barnaby French (left) 8-7.

In Girls’ 16 Singles, Sarah Hamley (left) won the final against Leah Robison (right) 8-1.

In Girls’ 16 Singles Consolation, Zofia Kierner won the final against Audrey Kidd 8-0.

In Girls’ 12 Doubles, Mia Yoon and Valarie Wang (left)¬†took first, Lillian Stukovsky and Mia Askovich (right) took second.

In Boys’ 16 Doubles, Daniel Tameishi and Benjamin Fahey (left) won the final against Daniel and Paul Yevtushenko (right) 8-5.